Criticisms Of Managed Care

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1003 words

Introduction Managed care plans present as forms of health insurance covers. These plans have contracts with medical facilities and health care providers to offer care for clients at decreased costs (Dixon, Greene & Hibbard, 2008). This paper will discuss the criticisms that have been addressed regarding managed care, and the different features that are included in a CDHP. Additionally, it will discuss the existing differences between the choice of providers, cost sharing, and covered benefits of HMOs and CDHPs. This will help in drawing conclusions regarding the latest information that surrounds managed care. Criticisms/Drawbacks of Managed Care Ethical and Legal Issues In worst case settings which, incidentally, take place more frequently …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that managed care plans are forms of health insurance covers that have contracts with medical facilities and health care providers to offer care for clients at reduced costs.
  • Analyzes how the establishment of managed care has been evidenced to be technically, contentious, philosophically difficult, and politically fragile. the organization for evaluating the given care quality is under attack for lack of being adequately autonomous.
  • Opines that the rise of healthcare makes it harder for people to afford healthcare.
  • Explains that in worst case settings, the delivery is standardized by inexperienced managers in offering care at the least possible cost. corporate objectives connect more to bending a market and keeping off the competition rather than to offering first class health care.
  • Argues that the american healthcare system is badly broken and is in the grip of a bid industry that will never stop making money.

Physicians hold responsibilities to their personal patients, but also responsibilities to the patient populations for whom they are held accountable (Rhodes, Francis & Silvers, 2007). Additionally, they are expected to advance and support the growth of medical science. Nevertheless, the most recent criticism has been accorded to the allocation of resources. As much as physicians are appropriate or designated communal resource custodians, they need to be conscious of the quality or cost of medical care. The American healthcare system is badly broken, we are in the grip of a very bid industry that will never stop making money. The healthcare aspect of today economy depends on the financial aspect. You cannot get or receive medical care without insurance. Some people are offered free healthcare which tax payers pay for. This help people who or poor, low income or middle class however. I will write about why the healthcare industry is such a financial burden to poor, middle class and pre-condition people. How the medical industry charge $1,500 for 5 minutes for someone to put a needle in you but $15 for 45 minutes for someone to exam …show more content…

We don’t have a healthcare system in America that care for people it’s a number game based on how many people are seen. The more medication a person is on the more money the heath care makes. We will never have single-payer or universal healthcare because the insurance companies. I work for a home health care company and I am not happy I am pissed off every day knowing there are so many people out there that need our help but due to the fact they don’t have Medicare we must refuse those people.99% of home health care companies are like this. Who really care for people that are sick. In Africa if you have no money the doctor won’t see you they hospital will leave you outside to die. I feel as if America is not that different from Africa the rise of healthcare make it often hard for people to afford healthcare, I have a friend who has Medicare and she is on a fix income with COPD and several other illness and was told as of 2017 the will deduct more money from her ssi check and she stated if they do that she won’t be able to pay her bills and she will have to go without healthcare

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