Criticism In Kong Yiji

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In March of 1919, Lu Xun wrote Kong Yiji. According to one source, it is considered by some people that Lu Xun wrote this story to express the sadness of the students at the time. Others have suggested that he wrote it to explain what was wrong with the 'feudal society ', where people could easily waste their entire life trying to pass pointless exams. In my opinion, the best interpretation of Lu Xun’s short story is that he wrote Kong Yiji to explain the faults of the feudal society in China during the time period. In the story, he describes the life of Kong Yiji and how he ends up becoming completely irrelevant just because he couldn’t pass the ‘imperial civil service examination’ to become a successful person. My interpretation of Lu Xun’s…show more content…
Lu Xun’s general view of China is expressed through the illustration of everyone around Kong Yiji as a society lacking any type of kindness or compassion for him. People enjoy making fun of Kong Yiji for his personal failures and disappointments in his lifetime. The 12-year-old boy, narrator of the story, only notices him because of what he hears when the wine-shop patrons make fun of Kong Yiji, and the only reason that people at the bar still remember him is because he still owes the manager ‘nineteen coppers.’ When writing this, Lu Xun is clearly not telling the story of one individual’s difficulty, rather he is showing the apathy, cruelty, dishonesty, and selfishness that describe the ways in which his society operates and devours human beings whole, which is his prediction of China’s social flaws that eventually destroy the nation. For many, personal success through a classical education is a dead-end in the age when people began questioning Chinese cultural…show more content…
Also, in the story, it is said that “Only those dressed in the long scholar’s gowns that distinguished those who worked with their heads from those who worked with their hands made for a more sedate, inner room, to enjoy their wine and food sitting down.” Lu Xun later says that Kong Yiji was the only long-gowned drinker who took his wine standing up. This goes to show the different classes in the Chinese society at the time and how they were treated so differently based on whether or not they were wealthy, just what Lu Xun was known to write

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