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This research is an qualitative study aiming to delve into the impacts of parents thinking on decision making about MMR vaccination for their children in Brighton, southern England. The selection of qualitative approach was successful methodology, because of that the researchers was aiming to explore ethnographic context. . This paper will critically appraise the content of published work of this research In more details, this essay will summarise the advantage and disadvantages of this work throughout criticise the overall process, credibility, rigour, usefulness, reflexivity. It seems that this research paper has several positive characters These characters include succinct and self explanatory title topic selection, population's location and demographic profile description, usage of multi-methods and sources to access the information, sufficient data analysis to support the clear and summarised findings . However, it contains numerous limitations. Firstly, there were no details whether ethical approval or any participants consents were received. Secondly, the title of the paper does not portray that it has been reshaped from the research question. The word 'talk' and 'ethnographic' have a wide meaning. However, within the research, the researchers focus only on mother thoughts in term of social and political factors. Stenius, Makela, Miovsky, and Gabrhelik (2008) advice that a title should not exaggerated or be too decorative. The importance of the title is part of credibility, for this reason, it should correspond to the content. Moreover, in term of sampling and study methods, it seem that the researchers used an appropriate strategies in term of sampling because of selection a purposive sampling technique; which is j...

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...nces, persons behaviors, thinking and feelings. It will be enough to monitor changes during carrying out of the research and monitoring how these changes affect the participant thinking to ensure dependability of this research. Nevertheless, the researcher did not mention any information about that, which weak the dependability of this research. Finally, although the researchers explicit and discuss emergent issues, all findings of this were support the argument of influences of social background on MMR vaccination decision and there were no evidences against this argument.

In the final analysis, this research introduces multi-voices detailed introduction. This introduction could be an useful source for other research in the same field. Also, this qualitative ethnographic approach is an effective and useful approach to follow in other vaccines future research.
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