Critical Thinking Reflection

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When I started this class I felt that I already had good critical thinking skills, however that was not the case. I was already practicing some of the skills on a daily basis, but not at a conscious or critical level. So what has been my journey at developing as a critical thinker? The "Game Plan" I made for myself at the beginning of class has helped me by having a visual focus to always look back to for guidance to reach my goals. I feel that I have gained more of an understanding of how the three strategies have benefited me in other ways than I had hoped. First, I wanted to redefine the way I see things. Intellectual courage has helped me to step out of my comfort zone, and to question my beliefs. I was raised in a very small town where everyone was basically the same. Anyone who questioned the way things were or how they should be were pretty much cast out. I was raised to cling to my culture and religion and I have to stay very closed minded. Life experience has taught me how important…show more content…
This one was big for me because I have a very busy life. Between work, school, and a small child I always have more than a few things going on. Soon after starting college full-time I realized just how valuable my time really was. I no longer have time to just scroll through posts of Facebook or save pins on Pinterest. Although I enjoy these things and could still do them, I realize that I could be preparing for a quiz or even next weeks assignments. I have learned that assuming I will have time later can be a big mistake, and that letting my emotions get the best of me when I don 't do so well can be prevented. By better utilizing my time I have become a better student, and have more designated take care of the things in each part of my busy life. This has made my husband, daughter, and grades happier. The ACA 090 class also helped me with coming to this realization. I realize time will keep going, and what I do with it is up to
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