Critical Thinking : My Strongest Traits Are Being Honest And Open Minded Way Of Observing The World

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Critical thinking, to me, is a self-aware and open-minded way of observing the world, analyzing issues and information, and communicating with others. As a growing critical thinker, I possess traits that will allow me to improve in the way I present and listen to arguments, in the way I take in information media outlets display, and in the way that I make decisions for many dilemmas. Three of my strongest traits are being honest with myself and identifying my limitations, openly accepting opposing points of view and criticism of my beliefs, and logically making conclusions from facts and reliable support. The most significant example that can tie all three was when I was a bystander to an argument between several people on animal hunting for sport. They each had an extensive amount of knowledge on the issue, and because the topic of animal hunting was new to me, it felt wrong to participate in the conversation; thus, I opted to listen to their premises and absorb the new information. By the end of the discussion, I leaned more to the side that strongly disapproved of animal hunting, because the thought that people killed innocent animals for sport sickened me—especially when some of those animals are endangered. Nevertheless, I respected the side that justified the sport because they also brought great support to the table, even if it went against my morals. Afterward, I took it upon myself to do more research on both sides of the issue so I can take a position for future discussions. As I read, I discovered the negative impact that animal hunting has on our environment, along with positive impact statistics, such as population control within male lions who tend to kill young species. In the end, I sided against animal hunting bec... ... middle of paper ... ...this trait by not complying to a stance before I have enough information from both sides of the argument—specifically if people state opinions without support. What’s more, is that I have to accept the possibility of being socially rejected by those that accuse me of going against them solely because I am unwilling to agree with them right away. The other two traits can be improved together by acknowledging that my biases are mine alone and that they are not always widely accepted or true, and that writing down the issue at hand on paper can help me and others focus on the core of the problem. I believe that by practicing the methods to improve the weak characteristics that make me an uncritical thinker, my other traits, such as participating in arguments with an open mind, using reliable support to guide me, and respecting others’ opinions will strengthen over time.

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