Critical Thinking Application Paper

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Critical Thinking Application Paper

Since founded in 1899 by Cleyson Brown, Sprint has always maintained as its core value, integrity in all that they do. With coverage in over 200 hundred countries worldwide, Sprint has been offering wireless telecommunications, web browsing, messaging, entertainment and even GPS location on mobile phones to their customers. Among other products and services Sprint has to offer we can find local and long distance communications services for homes and businesses, calling cards, prepaid phone cards, conference calling, personal toll-free numbers and more. Specializing in the business communications environment, Sprint has always been on the forefront of technology. Among its most notable achievements we can find:

1. 1975 – World’s first public Data Network is launched.

2. 1987 – First nationwide, 100% digital, fiber-optic network is completed.

3. 1992 – First carrier to offer commercial internet access.

4. 1996 – First nationwide 100% digital PCS wireless network is completed.

5. 2000 – Becomes the largest all-digital wireless service company in the U.S. and more than 70 countries.

As a worldwide leader in wireless communications we believe Sprint should incursion into the market of communications in the island of Kava for youth’s 6 to 12 years old. The Sprint Buddy Phone as it is called will put Sprint in a strong position to penetrate this market that makes up 50% of the entire population of Kava.

Although this is not a new product in the market, in comparison with our competitor’s product the Sprint Buddy Phone will be more appealing. It is not just another kid’s play phone with just a few buttons; it is a phone that can give kids the opportunity to connect to people in so many ways with features like the adults phones but with a fun twist to them. The following SWOTT analysis will provide a snapshot of how the market is moving in terms of similar products and what are the potential opportunities for the company to introduce this type of product.


1. The company has a strong financial position with high volumes of and a proven track record of sales. Sales volume of this company is currently over $59 millions of dollars.

2. The company offers a comprehensive range of communication services that provide mobility to consumers, business and government agencies that are customers of Sprint.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sprint, founded in 1899 by cleyson brown, has been offering wireless telecommunications, web browsing, messaging, entertainment and even gps location on mobile phones to their customers.
  • Explains that the company has a strong financial position with high volumes of and proven track record of sales. the company's sales volume is currently over $59 million of dollars.
  • Explains sprint offers a comprehensive range of communication services that provide mobility to consumers, business and government agencies that are customers of sprint.
  • Explains that sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including two wireless networks that are considered robust in offering mobile data services to the industry.
  • Explains the instant national and international walkie-talkie capabilities; award-winning and global tier 1 internet backbone.
  • Explains that the company has received numerous awards and recognition in different categories such as family packages, innovative products, environment protection programs and many other categories.
  • Opines that even though the company has been recognized for family plans and programs, there is no product that is intended to fulfill the needs of customers that are parents and need communications devices for their children.
  • Opines that sprint's offers are targeted to travelers and executives who need a variety of services. this creates an impression on consumers that the company may not be interested in small accounts.
  • Opines that the company's home page does not provide much indication nor information to lead families or parents to specific pages or features that fall under family domestic categories.
  • Opines that communication needs around the world are growing rapidly; therefore, the opportunity for sales will be constantly growing among communication companies.
  • Explains that as time and technology change, people have different needs that were used to be traditional communication, such as tv, mailing letters and analog phones.
  • Explains that the population of young people that are students and children has grown and these have more access to technology such as computers at school, laptops at home, cell phones and others. the education systems are becoming paperless and more technology oriented, therefore, the need to supply products to these consumers.
  • Explains that technology facilitates communication among people everywhere, and people that are not even known can contact others easily through interment, phone calls, etc. this becomes a threat for parents who are concerned for the safety of their children.
  • Opines that regulatory agencies are trying to establish controls for the proper use of communication, but this is still very remote and not necessarily provides effective alternatives to avoid sexual offenders to approach children through these systems.
  • Explains that competitors within the communication industry have already designed cell phones to fulfill parent's needs to maintain communication with their children. these phones provide safety futures to keep parents out of worries in terms of unknown callers.
  • Explains that even though 50% of the population of kava is under the age of 15, a lot of them are indians and have poor technological knowledge.
  • Explains that due to the increase of the use of technology in the educational systems, more children will normally learn about technology and need more alternatives for communication.
  • Explains that communication companies are moving more into designing products and services that provide students, senior adults and children, alternatives to anticipate the future with innovative technology.
  • Explains that more permits from the regulatory agencies are arising that will allow different types of technology systems.
  • Cites sprint's home page
  • Opines that the sprint buddy phone will put sprint in a strong position to penetrate the island of kava for youth's 6 to 12 years old.
  • Explains that the sprint buddy phone will provide both of these necessities to its customers. the best reason to purchase a cell phone for kids is being able to stay in touch with them at all times.
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