Critical Review: Conflict Competence In The Workplace

Conflict exists in every organization and it is evitable, but what anyone would like to have come out of it is a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. For this assignment, I’ve reviewed “Conflict Competence in the Workplace” written by Craig E. Runde, 2014, Employement Relations Today, pages 25-31, he discusses a plethora of critical key points that well explain conflict, the importance of developing competent authoritative figures, the positive and negative benefits of effective managing, and the different skills needed to become competent and getting the best aspects out of conflict, instead of getting all negative effects.
Normally when faced with conflict, most try to ignore it and hope it goes away. They do not realize the value and
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He informed me that issues with managers is always resolved behind closed doors. He encourages them to vent and “say what’s on their mind” and go from there. In regards to employee conflict, he believes most conflict comes from a misunderstanding between the employee and their manager. He then investigates whether or not the manager was not “clear and concise” about expectations or what arose to get to the issue. He sees what each other says about the situation, and gives insight and thoughts about maybe what was interpreted wrong and then tries to help rectify it.
I then asked him “Why is being conflict competence is important to implement?” I was happy to hear him discuss how they can lose employees and also that an organization functions better as a whole when the management is competent and in return employees will perform better. As a whole I was very satisfied to see that his values and the way he performs his conflict management system is a positive way to go across in a professional
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The managers that Publix promote definitely have the potential, drive and talent to be successful and role models for the associates. As the article says, “When conflict is managed well, it can lead to improvements creativity and innovation.” Publix is trying to grow as a company and are slowing integrating into other states. They are struggling to bring the “Publix Culture” into these states and this could help.
I agree with Richard’s view about how to avoid conflict. If I felt more appreciated and praised for the things I do at work, when a manager comes to me about something that I may take in a not so positive way but they address it responsibly and they concisely treat me with respect then I will most likely not let the “negative emotions” take control. I would be more apt to reflect and try to see their perspective. I would also suggest he survey his associates to see if his managers are actually are following his

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