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The word “discourse” refers to language in use in the aspect of linguistics. Yet Gee makes distinctions between discourse (with a small “d”) and Discourse (with a capital “D”) in his book An Introduction to Discourse Analysis. He elaborates the interrelationship between doing (action) and being (identity) of Discourse, which helps readers interpret the link among language, power, and society. In Chapter 2, Gee (2011) lists seven tasks that humans build through language: significance, practices, identities, relationships, politics, connections, and sign systems and knowledge. He uses the first person perspective to connect readers with daily-life examples. The seven building tasks that Gee presents demonstrates how people design the reality and how it affects people. Gee suggests that people could raise questions related to the seven building tasks to discover how they use language to facilitate effective communication. In Chapter 3, Gee continues to discuss the productions that evoking from the seven building tasks above. He introduces four tools of inquiry: social language, discours...

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