Critical Reflection On My Skills Of Me As An International Manager

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Introduction: This essay is a critical reflection on the abilities of me as an International Manager. To throw some light on my skills as an International Manager, an effort will be made to cover numerous traits of an International Manager, theories or notions related to an International Manager, my own experiences dealing in an international setup, strengths and weaknesses associated to this title supported by a common personality test and solutions or development required to be more competent as an International Manager.
Theories, Concepts and Models: Before going into the discussion of what makes a successful international manager, I would like to point out the situations which make the role of an International Manager so significant. It is argued that culture may not have the most influence on an International Manager but it is the most neglected notion (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003). It becomes the role of the manager due to the set-back of knowing the presence and power of culture. One more issue is of denial to understand stereotypes that make it vital for a manager to be able to confess stereotypes and employing them to be competent. Social skills mean the ability to form a relationship which will help incorporate into the social fabric, is often considered crucial. Motivation to work abroad along with cultural curiosity is important for adaptation in host country. Ability to cope with ambiguity, broad-mindedness, endurance, cultural empathy and respect are the other necessary traits to adapt and understand the differences. These characteristics when supported with a strong sense of self which helps in interaction with the culture without losing one’s own identity. Leadership skills, relationship skills, sensitivity, strat...

... middle of paper ..., emotional-resilience and continuous sensitivity to events. This would be all and hope this gives a critical view on the capabilities that I need to build in order to become a successful International Manager.
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