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This critical commentary will attempt to examine the process and application of my learning experiences throughout the ‘Me in Leadership’ module. I will use a reflective, first person style of writing to present my findings as I am giving my personal view (Webb, 1992).
Within my role as a Matron, I face situations that require skills to resolve them beyond just knowledge of correct procedures and policies. Schon (1991) supports a reflective approach to learning and developing, which I hope to demonstrate.
During the first module, Leading & Managing in Healthcare Organisations, I described how my role as a leader had changed due to the application of what I had learnt throughout the course. I identified what style of leadership I thought I displayed and then how I thought I developed through the knowledge I gained. I used the Leadership Framework Tool (NHS leadership Academy, 2013) and found that I concentrated predominately on two of the domains as I scored mainly in the red: Creating the Vision & Delivering the Strategy.
As a direct result of the current module teachings, I re-visited this tool. In addition I was experiencing episodes of upset and anxiety which I attributed to work-related stress; I had negative thoughts regarding my inability to cope with my workload, and increasing feelings of worry. Feeling overwhelmed, I sensed that I was struggling with everyone else’s problems; that all these problems were my fault and I was alone in trying to find solutions. (Appendix 1) Anxiety would wake me early in the morning and I found I had difficulty ‘switching off’ from work issues when at home. I couldn’t understand fully as to the reasons for my negative emotions, and indeed what to do to overcome them. However I did recognise t...

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...uld be times that I displayed negative emotions. Those closest to me described that I could appear direct and confident and at times impatient. I shared my feelings with them and opened up my Hidden area which surprised others as they saw me as ‘strong’ and ‘unruffled’. As I reveal parts of my Hidden area I hope to shrink my Blind area and open the Unknown aspects of me.
Learning more about me and gaining insight as to why I feel and behave the way I do has been a fantastic journey and one that has not only helped me to relieve work related stress, but to enhance my relationships with others, my leadership skills and how I communicate Goleman (2007) highlights that a leader who can demonstrate several styles of leadership by being receptive to their impact on others, will attain the best results and heralds the philosophy of cultivating emotional intelligence.
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