Critical Appreciation Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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In the story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, there’s a lot of themes present. The narrator of the story is a paradox. During the story the narrator loses touch with the outer world and during that time she comes to a greater understanding of the inner reality of her life. The split between her inner and outer world is decisive to understanding the nature of the narrator’s suffering. She’s faced with relationship, objects and situations that seem virtuous and natural but are extremely bizarre. The story is the narrators attempt to avoid acknowledgment that her outer situation suppresses her inner impulses. In the beginning we see the narrator is very imaginative. She remembers, as a child, terrifying herself with imaginary…show more content…
She doesn’t listen to her husband and decides to turn her imagination onto the house and wallpaper of the room she’s stuck in. She becomes fixated on the wallpaper. She becomes more dissociated with her daily life. Dissociation begins when the story begins when she decides to keep a secret diary. She identifies herself with the women trapped in the wallpaper. She tears the wallpaper and finally feels free. Gilman criticizes the form of medical care that ignores the concerns of the patients. John is the husband and doctor. Gilman implies that the authority can be easily abused when the husband and doctor are the same…show more content…
“The story examines one woman’s descent into madness due to inactivity.” She also states that it examines the struggles between marriage and career, social expectations and personal goals. The story is about a woman being trapped in her marriage, she’s trying free herself. The narrator ends up going insane because she’s forbidden to write the only thing she can do is rest. The struggle between marriage and career is that John is her husband and her doctor. During the story he’s trying to cure her depression and doesn’t act much like her husband as he does her doctor. The struggle with social expectations and personal goals I would say is that the narrator doesn’t want to be social she wants to be free. I feel she’s trying to get out of the marriage with John. The temporary home John chooses to stay at is quite shocking. The room for his wife could be portrayed as a prison cell. The room was once a nursery but yet doesn’t seem like a great place for children to play actually quite the opposite. The windows have bars on them and the bed and nailed to the floor. However, John feels it’s a great place for his wife, the narrator, to stay for her rest and recovery from her
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