Critical Analysis: Socrates's Decision To Die

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Student Paper Analysis Many readers have their own opinion on whether Socrates accepted his death foolishly or reasonably. This writer’s essay expressed much sympathy and admiration on how Socrates accepted his fate. However, the writer’s argument lacks strong reasons as to why one might consider Socrates’ decision a wise one. We will analyze the writer’s key arguments and determine if they show strong evidence in to persuading the reader of Socrates’ decision to accept his fate. Nevertheless, the writer provides some good points as to Socrates’ good morals. But, fails to convince on specific arguments on whether Socrates decision was wise or foolish. In Socrates’ story, we see that his decision to accept his death was sealed from the begging.…show more content…
The writer states, “Socrates was defending his "... position and rights as a citizen rather than relinquishing them in voluntary.” This is a strong point on informing the reader that Socrates’ commitment for Athens was incredible. However, as a committed citizen of Athens he chose not to appeal for his death sentence, when he clearly had the chance. Understanding Socrates’ obligation to Athens and his strong belief he should have rightfully appealed his conviction. It was only reasonable to believe that as a committed citizen you have the obligation to appeal if you believe there is an injustice. This will ensure that another citizen won’t be treated unjustly as…show more content…
The writer however, feels that it was a wise decision for Socrates to simply condemn the jury and accept his fate. In a statement the writer states, “Socrates had agreed to abide by whatever Athens required of him in return.” Analyzing Socrates commitment and obligation to Athens is vital. However, his decision not to escape and flee are reasonable, but his acceptance of his unjustly sentencing is not. Therefore, Socrates’ decision to not act on an illegitimate sentencing was foolish and as a citizen he should have appealed his
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