Critical Analysis Of William Bennett's Critique On Against Gay Marriage

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Critique on Against Gay Marriage Is marriage strictly between male and female, or should it also be open for homosexuals? William Bennett, a well known politician believes in the traditional marriage, being between a male and female. His thesis reads “We are engaged in a debate which, in a less confused time, would be considered pointless and even oxymoronic: the question of the same-sex marriage” (409). Not only is this statement bias, but other elements of his work held problems. The way his case was defended was ineffective to his case. The debate held good statements; it just failed to support the statements. His writing also holds other unacceptable elements, giving his work more reasons to be ineffective. William Bennett’s debate “Against…show more content…
His points are strong, but for almost every point he doesn’t have proof that what he is saying is true. For the rare points that do have support leave the question of “how accurate is the source?” For an example he argues that counselors are reporting that teens are thinking its “cool” to be homosexual, but what are counselors saying this? The statement “counselors report” is an absolute statement and all counselors aren’t agreeing to the statement. Even how he concludes this section on schools isn’t supported; he says schools are to be blamed. He should bring out statistics on the number of homosexual students to the change of sexual education. Statistics would make his point more believable and improve his effectiveness greatly. William leaves his readers with another question, “is what he’s saying fact or just his opinion?” Most of this article is just the opinion of William Bennett. His opinion brings forth some interesting points, but this all means nothing without support. Even with the poor flow and his lacking to understand the opponent, the article could have been effective if he supported all his statements. The support is the most important piece of an argument. William’s failure to support his points is the biggest reason why his debate was

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