Critical Analysis Of The Article: The Structure Of A Family

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The article by Karpel and Staus discusses the structure of a family. According to the authors there are many factors that play a part in what distinguishes a “family”. These include divorce, adoption, living arrangements, loyalty and blood relationships. Since there are a variety of categories that are dependent on whether or not these factors exists, it is hard to place one definitive definition on what makes a family. However, the article defines the family as a group of persons related by biological ties and/or long term expectations of loyalty, trust, and commitment, comprising at least two generations and generally inhabiting one household during the period of childrearing (Karpel, Staus, p.7, 1983). In order to fully understand the…show more content…
These models include the family systems orientation, structural model, strategic model and the experimental model. He also discusses models from the social sciences, such as the family development orientation, family coping and adaptation and symbolic-interactionist orientation. Yet in spite of these various theories and models there are still some issues, which clinicians who are treating families need to address. Clinicians tend to project their own values and assumptions into the treatment process altering the assessment (Walsh, 1982). They also need to keep updated with all the current advancement in research literature and training (Walsh, 1982). In doing so, they will have a better chance of having a positive impact on the families they are working…show more content…
When I was 18 I decided to tell my mother about an inappropriate incident that occurred between an older cousin and myself. The decision to tell her came about not because of my own bravery in finally revealing to her what happened but from the bravery of someone else. Unbeknownst to me my older brother had a similar incident happen to him from the same cousin. At the ripe old age of 23 he broke down and told our family what happened. As a result of his brave reveal I told my story to them as well. It shocked our entire family and ultimately tore apart my immediate family from my extended family. My extended family felt we were being dramatic and should have never said anything. At 18 I had aunts, uncles and cousins never speak to my mother, my stepfather, my brother and I ever again. I was never particularly close to these family members while I was growing up and looking back, I can now see that my inclination was correct. They were people who would rather we did not speak up, deny our feelings and try to prove us wrong even after the confession from my cousin. They did everything but support us and have sympathy for what

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