Critical Analysis Of 'Some Lessons From The Assembly Line'

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In the reading I chose, "Some Lessons from The Assembly Line", by Andrew Braaksma, is about a college student who in the summer time works for a factory all day long. To me, this reading is about a man maybe in his 20 's gaining great work experience during his summer breaks while also saving money. He also uses his work experiences in his college assignments, his knowledge from learning real life experiences at work. My opinion about this reading is that it is very informative. He is learning lessons and learning how to apply them to his school work. For Andrew, working in a factory seems like the best option, he saves money while at the same time, gaining very valuable experiences. He loves his school, and when he returns, he is so relieved to be back. He has been in a factory all summer while other classmates take it easy with small part time jobs. The articles theme of "Some Lessons from The Assembly Line" is to help inform people about how important education can be because he compares college life and work life, how he learns new experiences at work, and how much he appreciates being able to attend school. The first key point of…show more content…
Andrew sees how life could have been for him had he not gone to college. In the last paragraph, he says, "The things that factory work has taught me--how lucky I am to get an education, how to work hard how easy it is to lose that wok once you have it--are by no means earth-shattering."He is telling his readers how fortunate he is to attend college. The author sees how life could have been like if he hadn 't gone. This last key, I do agree with. College is very important to be able to move forward with your life. To better your knowledge of whatever it is that you want to do in life is just extraordinary. It is amazing to see the end of the journey and gain that degree in order to gain a good or decent paying

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