Critical Analysis Of 'Napalm Girl' By Nick Ut

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We use pictures to develop our own views on specific events that have gone on in the world past and present. In the photograph “Napalm Girl”, Associated press Nick Ut captured a story that only him and the people in the photo would know. The picture was captured of a group of children and soldiers getting away from an accidental napalm bomb that was dropped during the Vietnam War. I am going to establish the history of the event. The issue that this photograph was editors from different media companies and all built stories to show the public that the Vietnam war was not under control. All of the newscasting and journalist headlines that were created from the photos were different. This image has drawn many people in society to believing different…show more content…
These authors want us also to see the little girl as the main focus point of the picture and see the amount of pain she is showing us emotionally. For this source I chose the article, In Plato 's cave by Susan Sontag. The source talks about all of the different ways society looks at photographs. In the quote by Sontag she says,
“Photographs like the one that made the front page of the most newspapers in the world in 1972- a naked South Vietnamese child just sprayed by american napalm, running down a highway toward the cameras, her arms open, screaming with pain-- probably did more to increase the public revulsion against the war than a hundred hours of televised barbarities”(476)
The quote is talking about the image captured by Nick Ut. Although the source was not a major news broadcasting station, they explain what happened clearly and how the little girl is still the major focus point of the photo. Sontag also says how the the photo itselfs caused a lot of the anti war protests rather than all of the television broadcasting they did on the
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