Critical Analysis Of Mr Enfield And Mr. Hyde

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Critical Thought (Point of View): The way the narrator describes Mr. Utterson is very interesting because his physical attributes are not pleasant at all, but evidentially, he is very well liked. This makes his character very mysterious due to not having those physical attributes that most well liked people tend to have. He may have done a number in his community that earned him that respect. Since he is a lawyer, he may have helped his community with legal issues or things along those lines. The narrator described Mr. Utterson as backward in sentiment which may point to his character being unforgiving and insensitive. Stereotypical to a lawyer. ------------------------------------------------------- Critical Thought (Conflict): Early on…show more content…
Enfield sets up the good versus evil in the story so far. Mr. Enfield compares both Jekyll and Hyde on the opposite spectrum of the chart. The author uses symbolism to show the character’s typical behavior and their outlook on their communities before we can even meet them. Enfield described Hyde in the first sentence. Having nothing to do with and at the end of the chapter, Mr. Utterson couldn’t describe why he hated Hyde so much. Jekyll although to be a mystery himself, seems to be more well-known and well liked than Hyde.…show more content…
Hyde’s character doesn’t seem to be liked by Mr. Utterson and most likely will be a theme throughout the entire story. Most characters in novels are first described on a physical level to get the reader to have an image in his or her head on what the character might look like. Mr. Utterson doesn’t really give us any physical attributes on Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde seems to be a broken down individual emotionally or spiritually because Mr. Utterson describes Mr. Hyde as deformed somewhere when it isn’t on his body. In the next sentence, Mr. Utterson describes Mr. Hyde as an extraordinary looking man so, Mr. Hyde may look normal on the outside, but may have a dark character that may foreshadow future events coming to Mr. Hyde and his relations with Doctor

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