Critical Analysis Of Death Be Not Proud By John Donne

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Death Be Not Proud by John Donne is a poem about us giving death power over us. John talks to death as a “person” and informs it about its pride. He claims that we hold the power of our thoughts and we shouldn’t allow death to take over our perception of death. The writer portrays us of being subservient to the natural ways of chance. We can not control what happens naturally with death. Instead of us, thinking were victims of death we should think of it more as our destiny.
John’s continuous encounters with situations throughout his life have helped shaped this poem. John dealt with many heartaches when the people he cherished the most wasn’t there anymore. It started with his younger brother being incarcerated because of his catholic beliefs and shortly died there. Then his beloved wife died while giving birth. The birth of this poem happened while he suffered the most emotionally from his losses and his ongoing battle with his illness.
Obviously, the relationship John had with death stemmed from the loss of his immediate family and wife. He directed his anger towards death because of it taking his family away. John felt death has won by taking his loved ones away, but didn’t see the internal damage that it caused him.

In the primary lines, he concentrates on the subject gathering of people of this lyric. Through embodiment, he makes a character
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John 's life was filled with hardships due to death and that is the reason he tended to death so indignantly. As life went on I feel just as he understood demise isn 't something we ought to fear however something we ought to welcome. In the end of the sonnet, he didn 't consider passing to be the end, however, the start of another life. This is when revival and Christianity come to a surface. The gathering of people was found in light of his saying of
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