Critical Analysis Of Animal Experimentation Is Necessary

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This Critical Analysis will discuss the controversy of testing on animals for pharmaceutical purpose for curing diseases. In the article “Animal Experimentation Is Necessary” (Cohen, C., and Regan, T, 2005) Carl Cohen and Tom Regan. Philosophers from the University of Michigan, discuss why it is necessary and, how and why it benefits us humans that they experiment on animals. In the article it states that in order for diseases like Malaria and Polio to have less of an infection rate than it did back in 1948, we have to study the disease and the possible outcomes of what can happen when not treated; That is why Carl Cohen conducted experiments on animals that show why animal testing is necessary for the well-being of the human race.
Cohen states that the main animal that is being tested on are rodents seeing as they are a bigger threat to humans with having tons of diseases from living in the sewers and eating pretty much anything they can just to survive. At one point in time rats out-numbered the population of people in some cities through the United States, there are different kinds of animals that get tested on such as pigs, dogs, and cats but like I stated before rats are the most
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Cohen states in the article that in order to get the best results you would need to run the test on a living organism so they can see the full side effects or impact of the disease or a vaccine. “The large-scale replacement of animals by tissue samples or computer, or anything else, to be blunt, is a misleading fantasy” (Cohen, 2005, para.2). To me that is saying that there will not be any alternative methods to finding cures and vaccines for an extensive amount of time because in that case you won’t get the best results possible using these other

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