Critical Analysis Of Against School By John Taylor Gatto

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In his article “Against School” John Taylor Gatto argues that, the current education system is boring and that it is turning people into mindless slaves who are incapable of thinking for themselves, can only blindly obey rules without ever questioning their “authorities” and can’t even fathom entertaining themselves, he believes that children should be able to “manage themselves and that the idea of compulsory education should be removed, And while he is right that the education system is boring and that it is turning people into consumers, he is wrong in believing that the education system itself is the main problem, The current education system is, while majorly flawed, not, in fact, the main problem with society, the main problem is, from my point of…show more content…
Furthermore, it is quite obvious that the main point of the education system is to create mindless workers who serve the “bigger picture” without question, thinking it was their idea all along, it robs us of our creativity and forces us to use what little of it we have left to make products no one needs, but everyone wants, trapping us in conformity by making us believe that if we don’t think the way they want us to, and want the things they want us to want, we are strange and will be unable to sucssed in life because the only way to do so is to go into boring jobs that no one actually wants, what child says “I want to be a salesman when I grow up” ? it takes away our sense of adventure and makes us “fear for our safety” and “crave security” resulting in our thinking that simply existing is more important than feeling alive. Children themselves have understood this flaw on some level, which is probably why they despise learning so much to begin with, they hate being schooled so much that they have
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