Critical Analysis: Leonhardt’s Fallacious Statement

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Getting out of our comfort zones is one of the biggest accomplishments that one can achieve, and shifting from high school to college was one of the biggest transitions that I have ever encountered. Both college and high school are academic institutions where students are intellectually enriched. However, the difference in the level of difficulty of the subjects is not the only difference between the two institutions. My entire life changed completely when I went to college, negating my prefect expectations. The difference is how I have, my residence and my mental state and education. First, the way I live has changed dramatically once I started college. Traveling 15 miles back and forth daily may seem like a trivial distance to commute. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me. The traffic jam between Dubai (where I originally lived) and Sharjah (where my university is located) can take hours to clear out; therefore, the only practical solution that I was left with was to live in the college’s dormitories. At first, the idea of living alone appealed to me, but I have never been so wrong. I moved to a private room which I envisioned as my little kingdom. I thought I would be playing video games and listening to loud music all night long without being asked to turn it down by my parents. This was the life that I was aspiring after, but I have never been so wrong. These perks of freedom and privacy came with a hefty price tag that I cannot afford. Now, I’m constantly depressed and engulfed in loneliness and despair. I never imagined that disconnecting from my parents would have such an impact on me. Now, I sit all day alone in a petrifying silence that prevails every inch of that room, and I eat unhealthy processed and distasteful... ... middle of paper ... ...formation is done in the most compassionate manner. Teachers make sure that students understand everything. Teachers also establish a sincere relationship between them and their students, trying to solve students’ personal issues as much as possible. With that modest knowledge, students also have lots of free time to enjoy. Last but least, these aspects (residence, mental state and education) from the ground basis of any student’s life, and not everybody can handle such a transition in a small period of time. Establishing a coping mechanism with the alienating atmospheres that one can encounter is the key solution for progressing forward. Adapting with new lifestyles, new systems and new people can appeal to us as hostile and cold, but how difficult or annoying that adaptation process may seem, it is a necessity for prosperity and for the very least, survival.

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