Critical Analysis: City Of God And Liberating God Of Life

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City of God/Liberating God of Life Critical Analysis Essay:
The Decision You Make Determines Your Fate
For some, life comes easy either you’re born into a rich, comfortable living or some cases growing up poor is what most kids deal with. In every situation, there comes a time when choosing where to turn can be a life or death decision- physically and spiritually. Comparing the film “City of God” and the reading “Liberating God of Life,” is an insight on the how a right or wrong choice can make or break you.
The film “City of God,” cinematography was impressive and magnificent. Although, it’s fast paced the story doesn’t lose its meaning. Shocking and uplifting the movie shows the decision of two kids that take them on two different paths.
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Even though Rocket and Lil Ze weren’t brothers, they grow up in the same neighborhood. To please God, Abel brought he’s best first fruit as a sacrifice while Cain brought God a less pleasing sacrifice. Angry and jealous Cain choose to kill his brother and didn’t think it was a big deal. Like Cain’s attitude, Lil Ze didn’t care about how he got ahead, he cared about power and his ego. Compared with Johnson’s “Liberating God of Life,” the film is the story of the poor, mainly the young men, before they hit the age of 20, start a life of crime to get out of being poor. Thinking its survival the Tender Trio is like the Robin Hood of Rio, where they rob businesses and share with the poor. Poverty gives them a reason to commit crimes it’s not taking them far, their fate catches up with them. Not all of the characters are bad in some ways. For example, Benny is part of a gang, he embraces a benevolent personality, and he protects some people from Lil Ze’s rage acting as his conscience. In the reading “Liberating God of Life,” reflects the freedom the poor will have if they embrace God’s love. Establish a relationship with God and work toward change in society, socially, and politically and work honestly. The focus of the reading is helping the poor, God is always with the poor and suffering. In the film, the poor are suffering because of crime and drugs, God works with those who look into doing good and not…show more content…
The decisions we make can lead to a life of distraction or a life of success. Born with the same advantages and disadvantages, Rocket and Lil Ze chose what’s more important to them; a life of crime or a life towards success. Though challenges come and go we have to choose to resist temptation or give into it. Morality is also an issue in the film, the drug dealers and the next generation gain respect and power by killing each other off. They want respect but don’t give respect. In order for Rocket to do his job as a Photographer, he needs to rely on the violence of the slum. In contrast, while his intent is to do good Rocket needs evil to get out also. In some way Rocket endangers his morality to do good- for his job. In Joshua chapter 4 of the bible, God leads the Israelites out of slavery and as promised they were free from bondage. The Israelites came from many challenges as they finally made their way walking into the Promised Land. God doesn’t let go of His promises He performs miracles farther than we can see, but we must hold on and be patient. Also in the bible 1 Peter 5, says that the God of grace, after a little suffering, has already put in all of us what we need to survive. God gives us all strength and security to overcome all obstacles that is put in front of us. There is an eternal reward for those who endure and stay faithful. In Psalm 91, shows that God is faithful no matter what you’re going through

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