Critical Analysis

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Australia’s diverse landscape largely impacts on the design of buildings for public use. Two exceptional examples of this include The North Bondi Surf Club, designed by Architects Durbach Block Jaggers in association with Peter Colquhoun, which was completed in late 2013 to mixed reviews from the public. Whilst The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum Reception Centre, located in Winton (Queensland), was designed by Cox Rayner Architects. This building was completed with positive reactions, in 2009. Standing along side one of the most famous beaches in the world, The North Bondi Surf Club was designed to complement the surf, as well as provide significance in architecture along Bondi, increasing the precedent for architecture with a style deviating from existing architectural structures. The use of a ‘dip’ and curves in the design relate directly to the water, waves and coastline that make Bondi. The external use of tiles to coat the building represent the ocean and sand, through colour, texture and the way they ‘catch the sun and create a shimmer effect - much like that of the water....
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