Cristiano Ronaldo

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It all started on May 27th 2009 when Manchester United played against Barcelona for the Champions League Final. This game is still remembered as the prologue to a rivalry that would transform the sport and everyone viewing it for centuries to come. But on that night, it was the first time Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi met head to head on a soccer field. Two ordinary men trying to win an important soccer game, but only one would come out victorious.
Born February 5th 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo grew up on the Island of Madeira, located in Portugal. Raised by Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and Jose Denis Aveiro; Cristiano was the youngest of four. Maria Dolores was a cook, while Jose worked as gardener. Cristiano has admired his dad for his love and responsibility towards his family. He showed the same work ethic in soccer. His mom remembers “Soccer was his passion. When he got home I’d tell him to do his homework. But he would say he didn’t have any. I’d be making dinner and he’d jump out of the window, grab some fruit and run off. He wouldn’t come home until nine o’ clock or sometimes even midnight.” (HDDDocumentaries) From a very young age, Cristiano new what he wanted to do. He would carry around a soccer ball everywhere he’d go. He would be dribbling with a friend in a back alley, or shooting around in the park. His sister remembers “we knew he had a gift for football, but we never knew he would reach the top.” (HDDDocumentaries) Cristiano started playing soccer in a small town club called Andorinha, where his father was the kit man. It is at this club where Cristiano displayed his technique with the ball at such a young age. Word spread around the Island, that Cristiano had an amazing talent, shortly after Ronaldo signed f...

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...season and Cristiano netting the goal at least once every game, it was pretty obvious Cristiano would be the best player in the world that season.
Messi vs Cristiano has been a rivalry since their early appearances in the world of soccer. Since that game in Rome 2009, the rivalry between the two best players in the world has only been flourishing. The media has promoted the rivalry between both players, in which they say it’s a healthy rivalry. Both players agree that their compatriot encourages them to play at their best every time, every game. It’s very hard to choose which one is better. The only obvious way to determine who the better soccer player is to count how many trophies they bring to their club and with a Super Cup trophy, the Ballon d’or and soon the Champions League Trophy in his pocket. This year the best player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo.
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