Cristian Worldview Essay

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Despite our different ways of living and daily routines; The majority of people come to the conclusion that without God they are just puppets living in a world filled with injustice and cruelty. Others might just not care about anything and only live to live. With out a God; Others have another religion bases, but no matter where people come from, the reality of the world today is that we are a multicultural creation that needs God in their lives. No matter what country, color, or nationality people are the need of him is huge. The discussion in this paper will explain Christians beliefs, who is God, humanity, Jesus, ways of salvation and the Cristian worldview. The Christian worldview believes that there is an absolute God who created the world and the universe. As the…show more content…
Faith is the act of believing (Mappes, D. A. (2010). Our mark is to love one another despite differences. Christian worldview should not be confusing to anyone that is looking for salvation and wants their live to change for good. Jesus is the only way to God. Through Jesus we can accomplish everything that is going to be for our own good. This might just be difficult to understand for a person who was never introduced to God before or who came from a different worldview. Despite this God teaches us to love one another no matter our differences. The fear of God is essential for a Christian because this will prevent him or her from harming others. You think before you speak or act. No matter how terrible someone has been with us, Christians forgive and put that person in their prayers. Christians put themselves in others shoes and just by doing this people will receive a better outcome of any situation. This is why Christianity has grown because we have been able to provide answers to questions of life and death (Verhoef, 2016). Christians follow Jesus commands. If we all base ourselves in what he wants for us, the world will be definitely a better
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