Crisis Management Plan in Three Hospitals

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Section 1: Introduction 1.1: Organization Summary Christ Hospital was founded in 1872 in Jersey City, NJ and is currently operated by the for-profit organization Care Point Health also known as Hudson Hospital OpCo. Christ Hospital is a community healthcare provider that exists to promote and improve health of residents of Jersey City, NJ. Christ Hospital is a 376-bed acute care facility that offers a full spectrum of services including oncology radiation center, and is staffed by over 500 physicians. As part a family of three local hospitals owned and operated by Care Point Health, Christ Hospital shares some administrative and operational functions with the Bayonne Medical Center and Hoboken University Medical Center, all located in Hudson County, NJ. Just like Christ Hospital, Bayonne Medical Center is an acute-care facility with 278-bed capacity and is known for its cardiovascular services, whereas Hoboken University Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital with 364 beds known for its maternity services. All three were acquired by the Care Point Health in the period of five years and have transformed themselves from being market-place competitors to members of the same organization. This has significantly affected their operational strength, and in particular crisis management planning. In the course of regular business, as “sister” organizations, the three hospitals can call on each other for more specialized services to complement their existing capabilities to service their patients better. This networking support becomes crucial in their crisis management planning. 1.2: Overview and Purpose In order to prevent or lessen the impact of a critical situation on the hospital and ensure appropriate level of se... ... middle of paper ... members of general public. Information provided should describe extent of the problem, damages and any injuries or potential for harm, and provide information on the actions being taken to meet the crisis challenges. The Public Information Officer will schedule regular media briefings and update the hospital website with information regarding the crisis situation. Information provided internally would provide additional operational details to the hospital staff to enable them better understand what is expected of them to meet the challenges of the situation. The Public Information Officer together with designated member of the Patient Tracking team will coordinate information to family members of patients. The immediate emergency contact family member will be notified with the location of the inpatient in case the patient is relocated to another medical facility.
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