Criminology Case Study

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1. Criminology Criminology is the science of studying how laws are made, the breaking of laws, and the social reaction to the breaking of laws. Criminologists research past criminal events to contribute to decrease the crime rates and develop a society that is less vulnerable to criminal acts. There are different theories that have emerged over the years that have helped criminologists to get to solid conclusions on the relation between crime and society. The study of criminology is important because it helps society understand what the crimes are, and how criminals who commit this crimes are punished. Understanding crimes from inside out allows us to avoid breaking the law and being considered criminals. Most criminals have a reason to…show more content…
Criminologists can’t do much more than finding these social flaws if the government does not collaborate. This model can also help explain a lot of violence and a root cause of many crimes.
4. Consensus model The Consensus model emphasizes that the social is through the shared norms and it’s based on the cooperation of groups to produce justice instead of competition. It is a system of enforcement to which everyone in the groups subscribe. We can say that a group committed a crime by consensus when everybody in the group shared the same view. This model is important to the study of Criminology because it helps Criminologists determine how many people were involved in the crimes committed allowing the law to trace the criminals down one by one. This model helps to keep social order in society.
5. Edwin H. Sutherland Edwin H. Southerland, one of the founding scholars of American criminology defined Criminology in 1934 as “the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon” (Adler, Mueller, Laufer, 2013). He believed that criminologists collect information in accordance with modern science’s research
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Without the study of crime, it would be harder for police and the government to avoid criminals from committing crimes. Thanks to the study of crime, laws have and continue to be imposed against society in ways to keep social control. Every day, criminologists conduct on a series of research and data in order to decrease crime rates around the world, however, crimes increase and decrease in a fluctuating manner depending on many factors studied by criminologists.
7. Deviance Deviance is the behavior that violates social norms and laws. It can also be defined as the failure of compliance. As an example of an act of Deviance we have that neighbor who owns a dog and always fails to clean up after his dog. This neighbor is failing to comply with the norms of society. Deviance and crime are very similar with the difference that a crime is committed when a law is broken. Norms vary constantly, making the concept of deviance very complicate. It is important to understand this term because it allows us to differentiate between a criminal and a person who does not follow social norms. It is also crucial to keep up with Deviance variations in order to determine society Deviants more
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