Criminals, Rights, and the Law

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Criminals, Rights, and the Law Gun control has become one of the hottest themes in America. Although many people in the United States believe that stricter gun laws will reduce crime rates, gun control will benefit no one except the authorities and criminals, because gun ownership protects law abiding citizens from criminals, government is slowly taking away our rights, and criminals will always find ways to acquire guns. Gary Baker says he is here today because of his guns. Four years ago when he opened his own jewelry store, two men burst in and started shooting. Gary fired back killing both of them. Gary says, "It enabled me to go home that evening to my wife and family. If we hadn’t been able to defend ourselves, I truly believe we would have been killed" (Outgunned 9). People who have had encounters with criminals threatening their lives or jobs, cherish the right they have been given by our forefathers, The Right to Bear Arms. The only thing guns will do is take away the right of the law abiding citizens to protect themselves from intruders. A woman in New Mexico had just finished taking a shower when she heard the sounds of someone ransacking her residence. Thinking quickly the woman retreated to her bedroom. Soon she was confronted by a stocky male intruder, who had kicked down her locked door. The intended victim pointed a handgun at the man who quickly fled her home. These people along with over 2.5 million others protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Television media can be misleading to the millions of American citizens who watch it. Out of the 653 gun policy stories twelve have been reported on TV (Outgunned.9). While the reporters and newspaper crew make interesting stories out of several school shootings, they leave out millions of times citizens use guns to stop crime each year. Media can present a very misleading picture that guns do more harm than good. This leads people to believe that guns should be limited or even banned. (Outgunned.9) Banning guns is not the answer. One year in Australia gun owners were forced to surrender personal firearm. Australian government collected and destroyed 640,381 firearms in all. A process costing the over 500 million dollars. (Taking Away Our Freedom1). The results of this drastic change, were drastic themselves, but not in the ways expected.
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