Criminals Must Be Re-educated

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In many prisons across the country, overpopulation is flooding the prisons creating a volatile environment. With many prisons shutting down prisoners are sent to other jails. This is even happening to death row inmates. The criminals put here are spending sentences for everything from breaking and entering to murder. With all of these inmates feeding off of the taxpayer’s money, can they do anything to pay their way? Educating inmates has a huge impact on how they react to changing environments, even helping inmates choose careers can reduce prison population and death row convictions. According to California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, “a system which imposes a maximum penalty of lifetime incarceration instead of the death penalty spends $11.5 million on expenses.” (California Comission on the Fair Administration of Justice, 2008) Inmates, who are or will be eligible for parole, work towards their release; inmates must advance their education and find suitable careers in order to lessen the number of inmates in the prison system, and ultimately end the death penalty. With so many people incarcerated, finding an outlet is essential to keep people out of prisons.
“Today, the US is 5% of the World population and has 25% of world prisoners.”
(NAACP, 2008) When a youth gets into trouble they are forced to pay back the community through services the courts find necessary, many youth in schools help with community service to gain credits for colleges. This also gives those without any experience to gain some, helping build skills that can later be used on job sites. Without proper experience, a worker has a hard time finding a career; if that person is a criminal the chances dwindle. It is crucial that as a natio...

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...d careers. With this plan prisons will see a decline of return offenders, along with younger first time offenders. This plan will improve prison moral along with the economical development of the surrounding areas.

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