Criminalization Of Prostitution Essay

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Criminalization of Prostitution Solves Nothing When we hear the term “legal”, we automatically think of law and how it may favor or oppose an act; but why do we even have “law” when “law” doesn’t protect all of the rights of all people- yes all- as it claims. Law is created to maintain some form of social control for the protection of a society’s people (e.g., Vago, 2012); but how are people protected when the law seems up against their will? I’m not talking about the intently harmful criminal activities that people voluntarily choose to engage in; but the legal issues encompassing efforts to engage in sexual misconduct for survival purposes- specifically prostitution. The reason this is a chosen specificity is because as a victimless crime, prostitution is only seen as the sexual act itself instead of as the necessary source of income deriving this act. A documentary related to young girls engaging in prostitutions “Very Young Girls” displays the social issue of low status girls “making ends meet” to survive in society; which ultimately displays the social aspect of the issue. However, though these social issues and the legal system are interrelated; this paper focuses specifically on the social aspect of it; such that social structures do influence activities considered inappropriate to society’s standards. These little girls who are performing in this victimless crime to make ends meet, are a lot of the times the ones who may become victims of rape; which eventually also becomes a case against them instead of in support to them. No, this is not an argument of whether or not prostitution is morally appropriate; however, this is an argument that prostitution could be seen as a type of business. The legal system does not “prot... ... middle of paper ... ... it in addition to providing economic opportunity- as Rachel did with GEMS. Ultimately, in no shape or fashion does this paper suggest that this is the best way for people to gain opportunity for economic growth. This paper simply argues that society structures people into classes and statuses where some have opportunity and others don’t. For those who don’t have the same opportunities, they chose to engage in an act that will earn them some income; thus, society does not accept this, and wants to criminalize them. Either society needs to eliminate class structures so that every person has equal opportunity to be economically comfortable; or they need not to control how people chose to become economically comfortable. Criminalizing these individuals does not eliminate the real social problem at hand- struggle in the lower class and incapability to grow economically.
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