Criminal Law

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In any investigative work, the need to get any evidence properly analyzed is of great importance if at all the investigators need to get conclusive evidence. Whilst trying to do so, there is need to attain evidence not only on factual evidence but also any that can be deduced scientifically, thus the need for forensic labs (Geddes, 2010). One of such evidence is finger prints. In this case, there is evidence of a lottery which has blood smeared on it. Further, there is a black 9mm semi-automatic gun and a six pack of cold beer on the floor amongst other evidence that is present at the crime scene. All these have potential of having been held by the suspect criminal as well as any person who would be wrongly suspected. To this end, the finger print evidence would need to be collected so as to be collated against the weapon used to commit the murder so as to deduce evidence as to who was responsible and who was not with reference to other evidence from the eye witnesses. This is based on the fact that such evidence is in most cases taken to be collaborator evidence. Upon reaching the crime scene, the first thing would be to seal off the crime scene as far as would be permissible to gather evidence. It is imperative that all evidence is preserved till it is well collected as well as taken into safe custody where the same need to be done. Further to this, I would take on site interviews of all those who would come forward as potential witnesses to determine those who needed to write statements as well as where need be, those who would need protective custody where the suspects were still at large and if considered a danger to the life of such witnesses. After this, I would then summon an ambulance to take the dead body to the morgue awaiting a post mortem so as to gather more evidence. At the laboratory, all the fore mentioned evidence would have to be dusted for finger prints. They would then be labeled differently depending with the outcome of the prints (Lawson, 2003). Safe for this, there would be carrying out of tests on the blood in the lottery and have the same analyzed as would be important in determining whose blood is on the lottery. All these would be important in determining the murderer as well as exonerate any innocent parties.
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