Criminal Justice System

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One of the main objectives for the Criminal Justice System is to reduce the crime and the fire of crime. In order to achieve this it is using different agencies and the major of them are the Police, Prosecution, Courts, Prisons and Probation. They all are operating in synchrony for achieving their legal responsibilities and particularly for reducing the level of crime. The aim of this essay specifically is to discuss the functions of the police and how they actually fit with the objectives of the Criminal Justice System as a whole. The Criminal Justice System is focusing on the formal response to crime and is used with special regulations in different countries. In England and Wales ‘it is used to describe the institutions and agencies which respond officially to the commission of offences (Hucklesby and Wahidin, 2009, pp3). All of its agencies are running together, systematically and coordinated, but their objectives are not usually the same. Meanwhile, the main aim which is coordinating their functions is to ‘protecting the public by preventing and deterring crime, by rehabilitating offenders and incapacitating others who constitute a persistent treat to the community’ (Davies, Croall and Tyrer, 1998, pp6). In order to discuss the functions of the police it is necessary to state what the ‘police’ actually mean. For the England and Wales in particular ‘the police are the largest and most visible agency involved in the criminal justice process, defined by Innes (2003:64) as a ‘specific, modern organisation, endowed with the state’s legal authority to use physical coercion or the treat of it, to enforce the law in pursuance of the maintenance of the social order’’ (Hucklesby et al, 2009, pp.38). The police are responsible for a ran...

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...rn, 2003, pp314). In relation to this the two-way communication between the police and public is helping for the actual crime prevention. In addition, this police objective underlie to the criminal justice system objective for protecting the public by preventing and deterring crime (Davies et al, 1998, pp6). All of this functions actually showing how much responsibilities the police have in order to serve to monitoring the public. As a part of the criminal justice system of England and Wales it is responsible also to achieve and realise the system objectives. Not only the police have responsibilities in front of the system, but also and the other agencies, no matter of their functions. The aims of the police agency differ from the aims of the other agencies within the system, but they all co-operate and link to each other in order to achieve the cross-system goals.

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