Criminal Justice Reflection Essay

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“What’s your story?” “Why are you here?” “What happened?” “What have you learned from this class?” “What kind of impact will you have on your society?” These are just a few of the questions Professor Conti made me think about as we stepped into the final weeks of our semester. From that moment on, I knew that within this semester Professor Conti stepped away from the stereotypical classroom. He cares about his students and rather than relying on textbook material; he used their words and experiences in order to develop a very enjoyable and worth while class. Introduction to Criminal Justice has opened my eyes to how important the use of technology and social media are in understanding how our justice system works. On March 15th 2016, Professor…show more content…
This allows me to constantly interact with individuals who are in the same place that I was when I was making my decision where to attend college. This job is very rewarding to me, and I realize that this is another situation where I am able to use my “voice” to relate to people regarding their futures, and the college experience that they seek. As a follow-up to tours, the prospective students and their families complete reviews on their college tour process. I am proud to see that people really enjoy my tours, find me enthusiastic, positive, and knowledgeable about the University and the City of Pittsburgh. Currently, I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and a focus in Criminal Justice. Down the road, I look to hopefully work for a national security agency such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I wish to use my “voice” yet again and venture out into our world and work on positively impacting our justice system to reduce crime. Societies are in constant evolution. My desire is to utilize my talents toward positive fundamental change in individuals and
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