Criminal Justice Interview Paper

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Form Intro to Criminal Justice class, the courtroom visits were incredible but, interviewing a criminal justice leader was my favorite task. After visiting police stations, courts, and police department for my interview paper, everyone was denying me saying get a permission letter and stuff. However, I found an officer at my workplace, who is our regular customer. It was very curious to gather information about a criminal justice leader. This interview helped me make a new friend; the officer was very friendly to me, as well as my co-workers. The officer’s name was Mike Hansen. It is surprising to know that police officers take time for public like, Officer Hansen gave me gave 15 minutes. I asked him a couple of questions which didn’t hassle him. He has been involved in this department since 2010; he has been…show more content…
According to his perspective, he has not been scared waking up in the morning because he feels that if he does not do something wrong to another person or harm them then nothing would happen to him. He has all kind of support, and if he is trying to do good for a nation, why should one punish him. This officer inspired me if I ever get the opportunity to help one; I would gladly take that opportunity, and help at my best. He shared about his kids who are motivated by him and wants to a police officer like him. Significantly, if he would not have been a police officer then he would have joined the U.S. army because he always wanted to serve our nation and if he were not in the police department then he would have been serving the nation if he was selected into it. Taking a step forward and protect the nation is not easy. Police officers keep themselves active so, the society can sleep, travel and walk around the street safely. As officer Hansen had conveyed couple cases, some made him involve FBI. There were a lot of cases in which he needed help from the

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