Criminal Homicide Case Study

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Review Questions 1. What are two of the different legal categories of homicide? Discuss each type and provide an example of a homicide that would fall under the category. Two of the different legal categories of homicide are first degree murder and manslaughter. First degree murder are crimes where the offender planned to kill another person and then carried out the act with “malice afterthought”. An example of a homicide that would fall under this category would be a man whose child was taken away from him by the court and he plans to wait for the judge to come home in order to kill him. Manslaughter is a homicide that is considered less blameworthy than other categories. This usually happens because of recklessness or intense…show more content…
What are the two different types of assaults? What is the difference between an assault and a homicide? The two different types of assaults are aggravated an simple assault. An aggravated assault us an unlawful attack on another person with the intent of severe injury with a weapon. A simple assault is an unlawful attack without a weapon in which the person is not seriously harmed. The difference between assault and homicide depends on whether the victim, who is severely injured, dies or not. 5. What is arson? Why is it difficult to obtain good statistics on arson? Arson is defined as a willing to burn down a building, property, or motor vehicle. It is difficult to obtain good statistics on arson because on ly fires classified as arson are reported, causing a limited amount. Suspicious fires or fires that could not be determined are not included in the statistics for arson. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Statistics show that about two-thirds of individuals shoplift at some point in their lives. Why do you think so many people shoplift? I think so many people shoplift for the thrill of taking something without paying for it or getting caught. However, there are some people who might shoplift because they don't have enough money or any money to purchase the
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