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CRIMINAL COURT SYSTEMS 1 Criminal Court Systems James M. Hogan Columbus Technical College CRIMINAL COURT SYSTEMS 2 Abstract Through research, time in class, and some general knowledge I have learned that there are 3 main parts to the federal court system of the United States. You have the District Court, Circuit Court, and last but not least the Supreme Court. Each court plays a specific role to make sure things are run smoothly and appropriately in the court system. All three are important but the reason there are three different ones is due to appeals and for more careful consideration to be put into the case. Not all cases go past the district court and even fewer make it to the Supreme Court. I also learned that not just anyone can be a part of these court systems, it is a very difficult, tedious, and selective process to get picked to be appointed as a judge for any of the three courts, especially to be in the Supreme Court. CRIMINAL COURT SYSTEMS 3 In the United States, the Criminal Court system plays a large role in the way our country is ran and how we maintain peace and justice. There are three main court systems in the United States, the District Court, Circuit Court, and the Supreme Court. Each court serves the same purpose, but with a slightly different role. The higher rank of the court the more “serious” a case is. To advance through the court system is a difficult process. You have to go through an enti... ... middle of paper ... ...utional. Less than 1% of appeals that are sent in to the Supreme Court are actually heard. Many judges aspire to be Supreme Court Justices. The selection process is the same way except even stricter than before. Most of the time a Supreme Court Justice was a circuit judge, or even studied and taught law at some point in their lives. To become a justice, experience is the main key. Rambhau Salkute, S. (2014). Role of District Court Manager at e-Court system maintenance (Suggested Method). International Journal Of Information, Business & Management, 6(2), 190-208. The United States Department of Justice - United States Attorney 's Office. (n.d.). Retrieved October 12, 2014. TEXT OF U.S. SURPEME COURT DECISION: Good News Club et al. v. Milford Central School No. 99-2036 Argued 28 February 2001--Decided 11 June 2001. (2001). Journal of Church & State, 43(4), 849.
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