Criminal Court Case Study

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The primary role of particular criminal justice agencies in the criminal court system is to make an appropriate, objective and determine decision while fulfilling their duties. For example, judges are able to interpret and apply law on particular circumstances; and police collect evidence and investigate crime through proper and legal ways, as they are all restrict to the legal regulation and bureaucratic administration (Findlay, Odgers, & Yeo, 2009, p. 21). To maintain the interests of defendants as well as public interest by avoiding innocent individual to a miscarriage of justice and giving a prompt and certain punishment to guilty individual, it is very important that each criminal justice agencies can fulfill their duties in a lawful manner, especially the legal representative. A legal representative is an individual representing defendant in court to defense and make decision for them, which means the legal representative is the only one stays at the same side as the defendant and cares the interests of the defendant. Therefore, in this report we will examine to what extent is the role of legal representation important in Local Court and Supreme Court.
Role of legal representation in Local Court
Before attending the court hearing, I did some research and studies on the subject of procedure of the criminal court, and I found that the role of defensive representation maybe various regarding to different court. In the Local Court, the legal representative would have an important but not significant role.

Local Court is the first tier in the criminal justice court system (Brown, et al., 2011, pp. 143-145) it functions like a filter. They have to sort out the weak cases from the complicated cases by determining whe...

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...a to engage a solicitor on a normal fee.

After the observation and deep analysis of the role of legal representation I concluded that in consideration of the human rights of the defendants, there is a possible inequality issue occurred in the legal representatives’ case proceedings. In consideration of personal financial situation and the limitation of the legal aid service that provided in Local Court, this will impact defendant’s decision on entering a plea. Also, due to the limitation member of lawyer and a high demand for legal aid service, defendant may not be able to get enough attention from their legal representatives or even being neglected like the case R v DS, Supreme Court, King Street, 7/4/2014. Therefore, it is necessary to be more emphasized on the rights of defendants even though victims and community rights are on priority consideration.

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