Criminal Activity Within The United States

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As issues of criminal activity within the United States continue to develop, the intersection of race, ethnicity, and social structure plays a large role in these crime rates. Multiple other factors play a role in the development of criminal activity in an individual. These factors include but are not limited to living environment, family and peer influences, and mental stability. With the prevalence of criminal activities increasing, law enforcement is working to deter and decrease these rates. Crime rates in America are not merely influenced by the race or ethnicity of individuals alone but a wide variety of factors. The social structure of society plays a large role as to whether a person will be exposed to criminal activity and develop criminal tendencies. An individual does not develop into a criminal based on race and ethnicity alone. Learned behaviors and actions chosen by an individual, not genetically presented according to their ancestry. If this was true, than every person born into a specific race would become a criminal. As crime rates continue to fluctuate, criminal activity does not occur in one specific race, but rather in all levels of social classes and ethnicities (Walker, Spohn, & Delone, 2012). When an individual is placed into the custody of the prison system, they are not deemed criminals by skin color alone, but by their individual behaviors. Discrimination is prevalent in the criminal justice system, and while judgement is human nature, a distinct difference exists between these two terms. An individual walking through a populated area may be judged by multiple people due to their appearance, however, they may not experience discrimination. Discrimination occurs when multiple stereotypes are attached to a... ... middle of paper ... ...and instead find other means of making a living. This can include the distribution and manufacturing of drugs, to violent crimes such as armed robbery. These issues, dominantly prevalent in lower economic areas, did not become an issue because of one specific race or ethnicity, but rather developed in an area lacking necessary resources for a developing town. As the populations of minority communities continue to grow, police departments are handling the situations with new strategies and policies to protect both the public, and the safety of the law enforcement officers. Though discrimination and inequality is prevalent in some areas, police department are working to minimize the concerns of the public and increase a positive image of the officers. Multiple factors influence a person’s decisions to be involved in criminal activities, not just one factor alone.

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