Crimea-Whose Land is it Anyways?

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Crimea - Whose Land is it Anyways?

Imagine that all your life you have been immersed in the culture of your homeland and then your land is suddenly given to another country. You and your people are not represented by this country’s government what-so-ever and you have been forced to live under that country’s flag and leadership for 20 years. The new government created a regional governmental representation which has no power to get rid of unfair laws for your people. Suddenly one day the regional governmental that is ‘representing’ your people holds a referendum that could let you and your people’s land go back to your homeland country. How would you vote in this referendum? This is exactly what happened to Crimea. It took a referendum on March 16, 2014 on whether its people wanted to be a separate nation from Ukraine or whether its people wanted to join the Russian Federation. Do you think that Crimea should be an autonomous Republic, join the Russian Federation, or stay with Ukraine? There are many factors as to why Crimea would want to join Russia. Crimea should join the Russian Federation because of their history, the military support Russia could provide, and that Crimea would benefit from Russian infrastructure.

Crimea has deep Russian roots. In 1475 Crimea was overrun with Turks that were working with the Crimean Tartar princes to rule a section of the peninsula which they kept under control until 1777. The result of a victory by Russia over the Turks earlier in 1777 was that Crimea was then ruled by the Russian Empire until 1783. The Crimean War that happened between the years 1854-1856, was the catalyst of the Russian Revolution. Crimea became a part of the USSR also known as the RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Soci...

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