Crime and punishment

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Punishment in our society is an attempt to discourage people from doing unlawful criminal acts. For our society, our criminal justice system and punishes means justice. Once an individual has done the time for their criminal act in our justice system, the offender has paid their debt to our society and justice has been done. Because our justice system defines justice the way it does, the victims of the crimes often want to see the harshest punishment possible for the individuals that did the crime. Society tells the victims that the punishment of the offender will bring justice, but often leaves the victim feeling unsatisfied and not sure how to move on after getting what they wanted to happen. Punishment does not handle some of the important needs of the victim. Offenders punishments can’t restore what the victims’ lost, answer any of the victims’ questions that they might have, take away the victim’s fears, or help the victim’s make sense of the tragedy they have suffered. Regardless of the victim’s view, most people think that crime is growing out of control on the streets of our towns and cities. Most people also agree that what we are doing with our justice system is not being effective. We all know our justice system allows people to get away with things and no one knows how to fix it. There are reports out there that show when the economy is good, the crime always goes down. That is because the police has run out of money, and more importantly, there are less people who are seriously in need for money, or that the people could make money with a legal opportunity. The principle of proportionality is a dominant principle of justice. The punishment should always fit for the crime that was committed. That makes punishment nee...

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...e in prison worse than they went in. The question is if prison does not stop crime and research shows that people are not being put off committing crimes by what the sentence might be. The chance of getting caught has some possible effect, but only three percent of offenses result in a conviction. Over half of ex-prisoners are re-convicted within two years of leaving prison. Until attitudes change in respect to crime and punishment, we will continue along the same path. The masses will continue to conform to ineffective ideals, and call for retribution rather than rehabilitation. The problems associated with society’s obsession with material gain will continue to allow people to justify their criminal tendencies. People will continue to demand that something has to be done to protect mankind from itself just as people have done since the beginning of human creation.
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