Crime Reduction and Gun Control

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CRIME REDUCTION Missouri crime is on the decline and the statistics are piling up to prove it. People are becoming educated and more aware of crime. Capt. Hull of the Missouri State Patrol shed some light on the matter. “There were 162 reports in 2012 where a weapon was used in a situation that was reported,” Hull said. “In 2013, that dropped to 116 incidents. It has to be a new program that the Columbia PD has implemented.” In 2012, the Columbia Police implemented a Ceasefire Initiative to curb crimes that involved weapons. On paper, there is a 72 percent drop in incidents. However, not everyone feels this number is entirely accurate. According to MU Facts, $2.1 billion are generated through MU and a rise in crime could lead to more security measures, which could drive students and residents away and cripple the surrounding rental business. Jennifer Welsh, the general manager of Garry Lewis Properties believes that crime has been affecting sales. “Unfortunately, our 300 units are harder and harder to rent,” Welsh said. “The crime wave doesn’t start or stop at the big...
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