Crime On Victims And Society Essay

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Module seven gave me a better understanding on the impact of crime on victims and society. When crime is committed it affects everyone around whether is the crime victims, their families and friends, and communities. “A victims is a person that has suffered direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a crime”. (2WEB). Violent crimes are different because crime victims have a more difficult rime coping than property crime victims. Society now days is difficult as well as different, we see shootings, burglaries, kidnapping, assaults, drunk driving and other crimes is daily basis. Overall, crime affects society whether is physically, mentally, or financially. Everyone is affected by crime, no matter if victims…show more content…
“Short term trauma occurs during or immediate after the crime and las for about three months” (1STWEB). Short-term trauma include reactions like shocked, surprised, or terrified of when may happened, helpless, guilty, or out of control. Victims tend to overcome short term trauma within one to three months. On the other hands, long term trauma is more difficult to lead with because it can lead to certain addictions like alcohol or drugs. Some of the long-term trauma reactions include major depression, suicide thoughts or attempts, and anxiety disorders can be experienced as…show more content…
(3WEB). Criminology helps to determine what makes criminals to commit crimes. There are many criminology theories that helps criminologist to explain crime and how it occurs. For example, classical theory suggest that people have a free will and or choice whether or not to commit a crime. The positivist theory says that people do not have a free will to whether or not to commit crime. The strain theory suggest that people who have frustration because of the lack of not accomplishing their goals lead them to commit crimes. Why is crime committed? What is crime? There are a lot more theories that criminologist study to answer questions like

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