Crime Case Study

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Crime has been defined as the omissions or acts that are forbidden by the law. These crimes are punishable by death, fines, or imprisonment. Acts that are crimes include rape, murder, robbery, drunk driving, public drunkenness, child neglect and many others. For a person understand crime, one must focus on the central attributes of criminal behaviors and not so much the specific criminal act (FBI, 2014). Many times, society separate different crimes and investigate them separately instead of trying to investigate the link between the different types of crime. Most individuals who are involved in crime will not specialize in only one type of crime. Persons involved in criminal acts are consistent over time with frequency and severity of crimes committed and care less about the people they hurt or cause great suffering towards. The more criminal acts take place in a society the more it changes and evolve over time. The definition of crime is constantly changing along with the changes of…show more content…
crime information is gathered and measured using the uniform crime reports which are away to measure the effectiveness of local law enforcers and provide them with information useful in fighting criminal activities. The national incident-based reporting system and the national crime victimization surveys. The NIBRS collects information such as offenders, offenses, arrestees, victims, and property involved in any offenses. The NCVS has four major objectives; the first one is to develop thorough data about penalties of crime and victims. They calculate the crime not reported to the police. They provide uniform measures of certain types of crime and permit judgment over time and population type (James, 2008). The Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) they investigate and defeat terrorist, criminals, and foreign intelligence threats towards America Navy and

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