Crime Case Studies: The Identity Theft: Case Study

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The purpose of this paper is to present of the case study about identity theft regards to the article, cyber law that related to our country. In this paper, briefly review and discuss the identity theft case in nowadays. Identity theft is a wrong doing in which sham who get key bits of individual data, for example, Social Security number or driver's permit, to imitate someone else. There are many threats and risk factors that we've been hearing about before, some new facts about identity theft is a concern. According to the.( Heidi. D, 2016) there have three fact about the identity theft such as data breach victim? Watch out, breaches will likely get worse and your social security number may not
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There are various feeling that makes a person feel very unsafe to survive. A victim of identity theft can also deal with the emotional pain for the coming year, make it important that you read more articles to prevent identity theft from happening to you in the future. For the first implication or effect from the identity theft which is financial problem. Most articles related to identity theft present financial problems are increasingly becoming identity theft. To begin with, the thief can gain access to your bank account and take money from you directly. These individuals can also open credit cards in your name, which caused our debt without spending any money. Besides, the second implication is credit issues which that if you are a victim of identity theft are things to worry about your credit report. The offender will make the higher credit card debt without your knowledge so that the credit card bill is not paid for out-receiving loans and financial benefits. The third implication of the identity theft is legal problem. This implication means that if viewed from this point, your safety in danger if thieves gain identification name as it is a matter of law to the victim. You in danger if criminals use to commit a crime but the police will start looking for you and you suspected