Crime And Its Effects On Society

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Introduction Neither beast nor angel, it is the description many have given man throughout time. Man with the potential to do great things in a lifetime, but equal parts actions that can cause great distress. Crime is just one of the many aspects of human nature that is evolving side by side with man, and while in the infancy of the technological era it has already produced great tools for justice bringing efficiency and accuracy to unimaginable new domains, as well as great weapon far more devastating than any gun or explosive. Discussing on how society has taken step to better utilize all our resources to balance the scales when handling those actions by who are deemed criminal at multiple levels of society. Beginning nationally with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the two main forms in which it gathers information those being the (UCR), the (NCVS), how it evaluates the strengths and weakness of programs it enacts utilizing technology to record crimes. The human factor that is always present when dealing with society and its effects on the validity of the record-keeping and all parts of which fall into that of category people in these crimes. As well as that of looking into the two subsets socities in which one being public, the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA) and that of private with the Southern Methodist University (SMU) discusses the similarities and major differences in how both deal as well as report criminal acts within their respected societies. Collection It is common knowelde now that information is key to any and all successful action in this world , when investigating the organization of all the information gathering to set-up these each is unqiue. Startignn with the es... ... middle of paper ... ...ontribute , but not on the same scale as a big time department. Which futhers the disscussion as many of the UCR are given to officers whoo already have much on their plates as it is with paper workk that it is ussally one of the last on the many piles on their desk. Causing much of the information to not get report , or not reported accuratley. No one want to purposely allow themselves to look bad, and while the forms are for an overall good cause , it does ask for departments to report all of the bad situation they had to deal with in the term of the report which more likely then not paint the sector in a negative way. The National Crime Victims Surevey while all its strenght falls to these weaknesses as well , as per the program the information gathered is that of the people voluntarly , with no pressure to retrieve the information in a hasty matter and that
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