Crime And Crime: The Consequences Of Street Crime

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Although our justice system tends to focus on Street crime rather than focus on other criminal activity such as white collar corporate and state crimes because Street crime is easier to put people into jail versus the ones listed above. When people think of criminal activity they immediately jump to the thought of Street crime but there is just as much of White Collar corporate and State Crime being committed on a daily basis. In today 's society if you were to ask a person on the street what is a criminal the answer that they would give is someone that appears to look like a thug, wear their pants sagging, wear hoodies on their head, or someone without a job. This will probably be the most common answer if 100 strangers to describe a criminal.…show more content…
Which means killing stealing, or causing physical harm to a person is unacceptable and must be punished . This is how we view crime in America. "... public opinion showed offenses that resulted in Direct bodily harm were viewed as the most serious (Dodge, 2013)." there to control the society from hurting or taking away from each other as well as to make sure we do not get out of hand. This is why there are consequences for breaking the law to instill the fear of taking someone 's freedom away or to be brand for life with having a criminal history. All crime tends to have an effect on someone no matter if it is physically or financially. White collar and corporate crimes affects someone else 's finances rather be in the corporate office all the way down to the gas station. This type of crime should have a high punishment because the person is stealing from innocent people who do not even know they are being taken advantage of. These people put all their money back into their companies to ensure nice pensions or retirement plans to support them for the rest of their lives after…show more content…
All Enron 's shareholders and employees, young and old, had to over from the bottom to regain what Enron had taking from them. Yes, the top key players deserve to be punished but everyone in that building did not know what was going on behind those closed doors. However, Society doesn 't think that white collar /corporate crimes are not as serious as Street crime. "Victims who fall prey to a financial scheme appear less deserving of sympathy compared to those injured during a violent criminal event; indeed, the physical harm is usually much greater in the latter (Dodge, 2013)." One misconception about crimes in today 's society will be that people don 't commit crimes always for food, drugs, and money. Some of these crimes are committed because people are trying to prove themselves and loyalty to a gang or they get a rush from doing something. "... but in terms of the buzz or excitement that it generated...One offender said that he was addicted to the excitement of robbery (Bennett & Brookman,
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