Crime happens all over the world every second of every day. Thus making numerous amounts of victims. Crime victims are all around us even though we may not know it or think about it. According to the crime clock every twenty-five point three seconds a motor vehicle theft occurs. Have you ever thought what it would be like to walk away from you car, even after you have locked it, and to not be able to see it or the things inside it ever again? Motor vehicle theft happens every day in every neighborhood.

I never realized it prior to this assignment but I live with victims of crimes right in my own townhouse on school property. My housemate Anne was generous enough to tell me her story.

As Anne recalls it her story begins last semester when she borrowed her sisters car to get back to school. She remembers parking the car in the top commuter parking lot. Anne distinctly remembers locking the doors and heading down to her townhouse for the night. When Anne went to use the car Saturday morning it was gone. There was no car in sight. The first thing Anne did was go straight to public safety. They could not help Anne so she called the Reading Police Department immediately. The officers came about two hours later and made a report, leaving Anne with nothing to do but pray they find the car and the person who stole it.

Anne recalls the worst thing about the situation was having to call her sister and tell her the story. Anne’s sister Mandy truly understood and simply made a call to the insurance company to see if reimbursements were possible. Nothing else was heard about the car or the perpetrator until the Wednesday after the incident, almost a week later.

Mandy received a call informing her the CUMRU township police had found her car Friday night, immediately after the incident, crashed on the side of the road. Mandy of course inquired as to why she had not been contacted for so many days only to find out that the Reading Police Department had not put the theft into the computer system leaving all other departments unknowledgeable about the incident.

Overall, the victim here was truly victimized. Not only did Mandy have to pay for the impound fees from Friday to Wednesday because no one had known the car was found on Friday but she also had to cover all towing fees. The impound fees alone were over $300. Mandy ...

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... any sort of compensation from the government that could be awarded to motor vehicle theft victims that are not covered under insurance. If not, possibly we should be looking into it. Obviously since no offender was located restitution is not an option. There should be some other way of helping out the victims.

There are so many ways to look at every crime. You can always think of a different point as to who was responsible for the crime or whether or not everyone did what he or she had to do to solve the mystery of the crime to the best of their ability. A lot of emotions are involved in any crime no matter how small. Whether or not anyone involved in any crime will ever be completely satisfied by the results or whether or not we ever decide in society as a whole who we are going to blame for crimes is uncertain. You can be certain that everyone just wishes it never happened to him or her. Its obvious that humanity as a whole would be much better off without crime however this is also obviously unrealistic!!

“Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is also true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”

John F Kennedy
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