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1. Crime is the biggest enemy of the country. Still a lot of crime happens every day even though it has been many efforts carried out by the authorities. For example, motor vehicle theft statistics is growing from year to year. Generally, this case involves the theft of private cars, motorcycles and all vehicles. Motor vehicle thefts often occur due to the negligence of the owner of the vehicle itself. Sometimes thieves just a matter of time to do that their job much easier and smoother. Statistical thefts also increasing due to the insistence of a desire to live a life of luxury while from time to time. For example, people who suffer from stress due to various problems in life, especially poverty. When they an impasse unwillingly committed the crime. According to the graph is directed, for the theft of private cars, it amounted to a little over the statistics of the other stolen vehicles. In 1980, the case shows a decrease until 1990 and remained consistent with no major changes until the year 2000. However, it showed a slight increase between the years 2000 to 2005. This may be due to rising living standards, which began entering into the era of modernization. Next, numbers of cases private car thefts fluctuate between 2005 until 2010. This case should not be underestimated even though statistics shown are not so burdensome. Therefore, the private car owners must always take care of their own property. Owners should always be aware of their surroundings and make sure the motor vehicle is in a safely area. They also should get education about self-awareness do crime prevention measures. Everyone should know the police phone lines to facilitate the channeling of information to the police through a 'friend cops’. In addition, use... ... middle of paper ... ..., bowling, badminton and others outside the home with friends. But now it can be done just in front of the computer. In addition, they can play with friends around the globe, whether in or outside the country. In addition, the majority of their time is spent on entertainment by browsing any website. Thus, it is clear that they are too dependent on computers. Even those born before the existence of high-tech equipment, lack of applying computers in their lives day by day, but now they can be adapted in these changing times. I believe in a little while, they will rely on the computer. This is because computers have a substantial influence over the appearance especially with the internet. In conclusion, is absolutely true that we rely on computers in our daily lives. Coupled with an increasingly high technology race change one's life becomes easier and more enjoyable

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