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Cricket is an international game which is very common and played by many countries. It is the second most popular sports after football. It is played usually by the South Asians (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan), Middle East (U.AE), British (England, Ireland) and Australians (Australia, New Zealand), Africa (South Africa) etc. It is a sport played in the streets of many countries whether the players are rich or poor, young or old, it doesn’t matter because this is the game everyone loves watching and playing. U.A.E has been in the ICC (International Cricket Council) since 1989. As every country’s cricket team represent their own country likewise U.A.E cricket team represents their country U.A.E. About Cricket A…show more content…
The U.A.E cricket team plays international cricket with the other country’s national teams. The team is officially formed in 1892. The U.A.E is ranked 16th in the ICC T20 Championship table. The cricket squad is made up of mostly Indians, Pakistanis and few are from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. 10 facts about U.A.E cricket team 1. The Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai is owned by the UAE’s first captain. 2. The team consists of majority of players who are not citizens of UAE. 3. During World Cups only Emiratis have captained. 4. During the World Cup in 1996 UAE won their first ODI match. 5. The captain and the vice-captain are older than the coach. 6. USD 1,000 was awarded to the bowler who dismissed Sachin Tendulkar. 7. Chandran Krishna is the first Keralite to join the UAE cricket team. 8. The oldest ODI centurion is Khurram Khan 9. Number of ODIs hosted by UAE is…show more content…
 Azhar Saeed made 126 not out on 25th February 1994.  Ali Asad has the best innings bowling 9/74 on 25 March 2004. Cricket Stadiums in U.A.E Dubai International Cricket Stadium  Also known as: Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium  The capacity of people the stadium can hold is 25,000. Sheikh Zayed Stadium  The stadium is named after the President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  The capacity s 20,000. Sharjah Cricket Stadium  The Sharjah Cricket Stadium was established in 1982.  Has a capcity of 16,000. Conclusion To conclude, U.A.E has a cricket team and is slowly and steadily improving in cricket. The team is talented and can succeed as the coaches and the team members are really good in cricket. The Emirates cricket board has made a team without any partiality and included many different kinds of nationalities. The U.A.E has constructed amazing infrastructure of the stadiums. U.A.E has hosted Pakistan series against other countries and has been an amazing host and safe place for everyone. I wish best of luck to the U.A.E

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