Creon's Power In Antigone

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In Sophocles’ Ancient Greek tragedy Antigone, Creon, as the ruler of the city of Thebes, fails to care for others, and ultimately brings about his own downfall. Creon has great power as the head of the great city of Thebes, but although Creon has power, he does not act responsibly. He does not care for Antigone, and ignores her explanations for why she buried Polynices. He does not care for his own son, Haemon, in his pleas for Antigone, his fiancée. Finally, he does not listen to the prophet Tiresias until after Tiresias has left, with Tiresias tells him not to kill Antigone and to allow Polyneices to be buried. In the end, Tiresias get through to Creon, but Creon gives in too late, and Antigone, Haemon, and Creon’s wife, Eurydice, all commit…show more content…
She explains to Creon: “It wasn’t Zeus, not in the least, who made this proclamation…Nor did I think your edict had such force that you, a mere mortal, could override the gods” (83). Antigone believes that Creon’s law that Polynices’ body cannot be buried is against the Gods’ will, and she follows the Gods, and not just a human leader. The Gods disagreeing with Creon is a first sign that Creon is doing something bad, for both himself and the rest of Thebes. Antigone then boldly states that “these citizens here would all agree, they would praise me too if their lips weren’t locked in fear” (84). Antigone can read the emotions of the people of the town, and understands that they do not agree with Creon, but are too scared of him to tell him this. The fact that his citizens do not agree with his policies is yet another bad omen for…show more content…
Antigone, Haemon, and Tiresias all argued with Creon, each proving their point, but to Creon, all that mattered was his own opinion that leaders must stick with their original decisions. He does not care about the Gods, who are Antigone’s reason for burying Polynices. He does not care about family, which is Haemon’s reason not to kill Antigone. Finally, Creon does not care about the truth, which Tiresias tells him, all because Creon is too selfish and arrogant. Creon’s unwillingness to change his orders until the last minute, when it is already too late, ultimately dooms him and his family, and causes a great tragedy to
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